Best Men’s Golf Shoes: Test, Reviews and Comparison – June 2024

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Best Men’s Golf Shoes purchase guide

Whatever the brand is, good golf shoes must above all be comfortable. You will have to travel around the golf course for 4 or even 6 miles, so it is better to choose models that fit you perfectly. In addition to comfort, these shoes must be able to regulate the breathing of the foot, while being particularly flexible.

Best Men’s Golf Shoes

In any case, they should be much more flexible than regular outing shoes. As a reference, the most popular brands are Adidas Golf or Footjoy. You can always consult the opinions on men’s golf shoes or refer to the tests on men’s golf shoes online.

What type of golf shoes for men should you choose?

Depending on your needs and the dedicated budget, you have the choice between different types of men’s golf shoes:

Versatile shoes – These shoes are distinguished by their small rubber studs. As a result, you can wear them as everyday use. This type of shoe is ideal for casual golfers who can use it in a variety of situations.

Crampon studs shoes – they are specially designed for regular golfers. They offer great stability, thanks to the studs which are similar to a toothed wheel. For optimal comfort, you should prefer men’s shoes with soft studs. This way, you will be able to access most of the routes. You should note that the nail studs are not always well perceived because they damage the green grass. Otherwise, you can always opt for removable studs that are very easy to replace. In this case, there is no need to buy new golf shoes every time.

Men’s golf shoe brands are continuously diversifying their products to better meet users’ expectations. You can count on models from Adidas, Asics, Nike Air or New Balance. Suitable golf clothing is available as well and you can always choose a casual style.

What criteria to consider when purchasing men’s golf shoes?

The weight of the golf shoes

This is a determining factor. Indeed, you will have to wear them for several miles, so they should be lightweight

The height of the sole

It is also an essential criterion because it varies according to the brands of men’s golf shoes. If you already have a pair of shoes, of a certain height, order a new one with the same height. This way, you will not notice the change.

The size

It must be adapted to your shape. Of course, you must take into account the measurements of your feet. In addition, choose a model in which you will feel comfortable. The comfort provided by golf shoes certainly influences your performance and swing. Poor footwear optimizes the risk of injury which you should definitely avoid.

The material used to make the shoes

The material used is also an essential parameter to consider. The shoes will be subject to climatic hazards. Therefore, it is preferable to use soft and robust materials. The shoes will be subjected to tough tests because you will have to walk in the mud, on sand, and on grass. They will be wet, stained and worse.

Best Men’s Golf Shoes Best Men’s Golf Shoes

Also, choose leather shoes instead, which are the most popular. This material is prized for its strength and robustness and is very easy to maintain. On the other hand, synthetic materials stand out for their waterproof and resistant properties.

The comfort of the shoes

Comfort must be optimal because you will have to travel 6 miles or more. In addition, check the quality of the soles and especially the studs. These will be essential to be able to cover the most rugged terrain.

The color and style

These elements can also influence the choice of men’s golf shoes. You will find classic models, but also more flashy styles. In fact, Rickie Fowler is a big fan of brightly colored shoes. His favorite color is orange, and he varies the style of his shoes to match with his outfits.

Men’s golf shoes with or without crampon studs

On golf shoes, studs are used to ensure stability. They are not necessary if you play golf indoors on a practice mat. Golf shoes with studs are essential on fairways since you will have to walk through wet or even slippery terrain. In addition, you will have to cross or descend more or less steep slopes.

For any sport, the choice of shoes is essential: football shoes, women’s sports shoes, trail shoes. Feel free to consult Nike’s men’s models. When you get to the store, try the different models, or even better, take a few strides as well. Golf shoes are real investments, so be very demanding. Choose the model that offers a very good price/quality ratio.

These criteria are also valid for any kind of shoes: women’s running, skateboard shoes, and running shoes. Note that to avoid unpleasant surprises, choose popularly branded shoes such as Ecco, Callaway, and Adidas.

How to care for your best men’s golf shoes?

To optimize the lifespan of your golf shoes, you should remember to maintain them regularly. As a result, they must be cleaned regularly, and the soil and mud embedded in them must be removed. In addition, if you tend to sweat your feet, consider changing your socks regularly during the course.

Best Men’s Golf Shoes lifespan

Also, remember to let your shoes breathe after each round of golf. Do not lock them in the trunk of your car. There are also absorbent papers that can be integrated into each shoe and also eliminate unpleasant odours. The lifespan of a shoe will depend mainly on its care.

Feel free to consult the opinions on the best men’s golf shoes above and right below.

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