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Titleist Golf Club Bag Purchase Guide

Renowned in the world of golf for its Pro V1 balls, the Titleist brand continues to impress its customers by offering them practical and innovative types of equipment. The brand’s products are also widely acclaimed by professional and amateur golfers.

Titleist was found in 1932 by an engineer named Philipp W. Young. The brand offers a wide range of golf equipment such as balls, clubs, bags, golf accessories and personalized products. In this guide, we will only talk about Titleist golf bags – the brand offers golfers a wide range of practical bags where players can carry their personal belongings such as their towels, shoes, and clubs. Golfers can choose between bags from the Staff range and the Players collection.

Titleist Golf Club Bag

Titleist Golf Club Bag – the “Staff” range of products

Dedicated to professional golfers, the Staff series includes 3 models: the Tour bag, the Mid Staff bag, and the Stand Staff bag.

The Tour Staff golf bag

The Staff Series Tour Bag is a cart bag designed for professional players. It’s very practical as it has many storage pockets and is made out of the highest quality materials. In addition to being complete, this bag is also solid, resistant and above all, relatively light. This bag therefore promises durability and will be your ally on the course season after season.

Featuring high-density foam padding and an ergonomic strap, this golf bag offers maximum comfort to golfers. In addition to this, it has a modern and elegant design. This accessory offers 6 interior divisions to ensure that your equipment is well organized. The bag also allows you to easily access your clubs and accessories. Furthermore, this Tour Staff bag is equipped with a modern separation system to protect and hold your clubs perfectly; it has a total of 10 pockets and is equipped with military-grade zippers.

Features of the Tour Staff golf bag:

  • 6 compartments
  • 10 pockets
  • Ergonomic strap
  • Weight: 10.8 lb

The Mid-Staff golf bag

In terms of design, the Mid-Staff trolley bag is based on the Tour Staff bag but in a lighter version. Like its brother, it has 6 separate compartments offering you easy access and durability of your equipment. Indeed, to extend the life span of your clubs, they must not hit each other in your bag.

The bag is comfortable and also features an ergonomic strap. However, it has 9 pockets for optimal storage rather than 10 like the tour staff golf bag. Made from high-quality materials, this Mid-Staff golf bag will be an ideal friend for your golf days.

Features of the Mid-Staff golf bag:

  • 6 compartments
  • 9 pockets
  • Ergonomic strap
  • Weight: 7.7 lb

The Staff Stand Golf Bag

Titleist Golf Bag - Stand bag

Also inspired by the Staff Tour bag, this tripod model has 4 compartments. The bag is extremely lightweight, and it’s also comfortable because the straps are padded with high-density foam on the parts that are in contact with the shoulders – you can carry this bag with ease thanks to its convertible strap system.

In addition, this golf bag is designed with 10 pockets, including one for valuables. Clothes and accessories can be put in the other pockets.

Features of the Stand Staff golf bag:

  • 4 compartments
  • 10 pockets
  • Convertible strap system
  • Weight: 6.4 lb

The Titleist’s Players range

Just like the Staff models, this range also includes many golf bag models that are divided into several series: Players 14, Players 5, Players 4, Players 4 StaDry and Players 4UP StaDry.

The Titleist Players 14 Golf Bags

“Versatility and performance!” This will be your motto on the field with this Titleist Players 14 tripod bag. It has 14 compartments for excellent storage of your golf clubs. the bag also contains a convertible strap system and an automatic deployment tripod. You can choose between the Players 14 TB7SX14-0 bag or the TB7SX14-206.

Features of the Titleist Players 14 Golf Bags:

  • 14 compartments
  • 9 pockets
  • Convertible strap system
  • Weight: 5.1 lb

The Titleist Players 5 Golf Bags

The main characteristics of the bag are it’s strong and lightweight. This bag has 5 compartments to store your clubs. It’s Comfortable, and it allows for easy and fatigue-free transport. You will also appreciate the design of this tripod bag. In this series, you have the choice between the TB7SX6-016, TB7SX6-0 or TB7SX6-440 models.

Features of the Titleist Players 5 Golf Bags:

  • 5 compartments
  • 6 pockets
  • Convertible strap system
  • Weight: 4.9 lb

The Titleist Players 4 Golf Bags

This tripod bag is available in several colors, it’s ultra light and stable. The bag has 4 compartments and 5 pockets. You can store your clubs, clothes and golf accessories in here. It also has a pocket where you can store your valuables. If you want to buy a Players 4 golf bag, you can choose between the TB7SX1-016, TB7SX1-0, TB7SX1-471, TB7SX1-241, and TB7SX1-451 model

Features of the Titleist Players 4 Golf Bags:

  • 4 compartments
  • 5 pockets
  • Convertible strap system
  • Weight: 4.4 lb

The Titleist Players 4UP StaDry Golf Bags

This bag is the lightest out of all the Titleist Players series. It is perfect for golfers looking for a lightweight and practical bag. It features an elegant design, it’s durable and is also waterproof.

A good point for the Players 4UP StaDry tripod bag is that it protects all your equipment and belongings in case of bad weather occurring.

Criteria to consider before buying a Titleist Golf Club Bag

To find the best Titleist golf bag, you need to define your needs and wants in a bag: whether you want a cart bag or a tripod bag. Also, check the number of compartments and the weight of the bag. On top of that, don’t forget to also look at the number of pockets stated in the product description.

To find the cheapest model, you can look at our Titleist golf bag comparison or read the reviews on Titleist golf bags. To find out the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model, it is best to look at the Titleist golf bag tests that are available online.

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