Golf Range Finder: Test, Reviews and Comparison – July 2024

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How to choose the right golf range finder?

A golf range finder, also known as golf binocular, is an optical device that measures distances using a laser beam projected onto a target that in turn reflects the light beam. As a result, the device will calculate the phase shift (in this case wavelength) between transmission and reception. It is therefore used to accurately measure distances in order to make the right club choice, between a fairway wood, a 7-iron or a putter.

Since the recent USGA decision (article 14-3/0.5), golf rangefinders measuring only distances (and like some of the slope of the course) can be authorized by a local rule. Even without a local rule, the USGA’s Handicap System asks players to note it when a golf laser range finder (measuring distances only) has been used.

The main manufacturers of rangefinders for golfers are Bushnell Golf, Nikon, Callaway, Easygreen, Golf buddy, Laser Leica, Titleist, Taylormade, Blueline & Longridge.

What is a Golf Laser Rangefinder?

Telemetry readings obtained with a compact golf binocular are more accurate when the targets are objects with highly reflective surfaces and brightly colored in moderate daylight (optimal accuracy in cloudy weather), but also those that create a 90° angle to the line of sight. The more stable the device is held, the more accurate the measurements will be on the fairway.

Golf Range Finder

As a result, some golfers will prefer the GPS golf or GPS golf watches that will not require as much skill this, however, will sacrifice precision. Indeed, the Golf Laser Rangefinder or Hunting Rangefinder remains the most accurate among distance measuring instruments, with an accuracy margin of less than 1 yard, which allows the golfer to see the flag and golf balls more easily.

Advantages & disadvantages of a golf range finder

Like any other machines used in sports, strengths and weaknesses to the system are always there.

The advantages

  • The most accurate method depending on the magnification (less than 1m or 1.5 yards)
  • Ability to calculate the precise distance to the flag, regardless of its location on the course
  • Provides any distance to a point on the golf course (as long as the view is clear)
  • No additional costs after purchase, unlike GPS golf and golf watches
  • Some devices provide information on the slopes between the player and the target (prohibited in PGA competition)

The disadvantages

  • Requires a clear line of sight between the player and the target (no luck if it is a blind shot)
  • The readings will be subject to climatic conditions: fog, rain, extreme lighting conditions during the day.
  • A firm and stable hand may be required to obtain accurate measurements

How to choose the right golf range finder?

GPS Golf has tested for you the best laser golf rangefinders that measure distance and also those that measure slope to help you determine which one best fits your game. Like GPS golf watches, we evaluate them according to their ease of use, characteristics, accuracy, and value (quality/price). To do this, we use both objective data and subjective opinions in our analysis of this golf equipment:


Laser golf rangefinders generally claim an accuracy of +/- 1 yard under optimal conditions. But are there any golf rangefinders more accurate than others? What is the most accurate?

Ease of use

We tested each rangefinder binocular under real conditions, then returned a subjective opinion of the experience. The user interface, size, weight, and the shape of the reticle in the viewfinder – everything is detailed here. Read on to discover the golf binocular that matches your playing style.

Features and characteristics

What types of modes and functions do golf rangefinders have? Is there enough to differentiate one rangefinder from the other? And for those golf accessories that offer distance with slope compensation, what kind of information do they provide? Take a look at our detailed list of features of golf laser rangefinders.

Accessibility of readings

We tested golf rangefinders and binoculars on their speed in obtaining distances. The differences are more important than one could imagine. Discover the results of the laser rangefinder speed test.

Cost and value

On a scale from $300 for cheap golf rangefinders to $800 for the best Bushnell telemeters for those that include slope compensation, we inform retail prices so you don’t have to look for them. Take a look below to learn more about the price range of laser rangefinders and the best discounts.

Our Selection of the Best Promotions on Golf Range Finder in July 2024

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