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Callaway Golf Bag Purchase Guide

The company Callaway was created in 1982 by the American industrialist Ely Callaway, the Callaway brand offers golfers a wide choice of clubs, golf shoes, and golf bags of the highest quality. In this guide, we will help you choose the best Callaway golf bag by introducing you to the different models of the brand.

Callaway Golf Club Bag

Before buying your Callaway golf bag, you should know that the brand offers tripod golf bags and cart bags so it’s up to you to choose the model that suits your expectations and your budget.

Callaway Tripod Golf Bags

The brand has a wide selection of tripod bags: Rogue Staff, Hyper Dry Fusion, Hyper Dry Lite, Fusion Zero, Fusion 14, Hyper-Lite 3 Double Strap, Chev and many others. We will review and talk about the most popular models.

The Rogue Staff tripod bag

The Rogue Staff tripod bag combines design and practicality together. It has a great deal of storage space and an automatically deployable tripod. If you must carry it around, it has a grip handle for easy transport and a super comfortable shoulder strap.

The bag also includes a mesh hip pad. The bag contains 7 pockets, one for clothes, one for valuables and one for balls. You will find 4 compartments with dividers where you can store your clubs within the bag. In addition, this golf bag has a rain cover and for better stability, the bag is also equipped with non-slip tips.

Callaway Golf Club Bag tripod


  • 4 compartments and 7 pockets
  • Tripod with automatic deployment
  • Anti-slip tips
  • Weight: 6.4 lb

The Hyper Dry Fusion tripod bag

Robustness and waterproofness are the key characteristics of the Hyper Dry Fusion tripod bag from Callaway. It is also equipped with sealed seams that create an anti-humidity barrier. To protect your belongings, the bag is also equipped with zippers. In addition, this bag has 14 full-length compartments where you can store all your golf clubs.

For easy transport, the Hyper Dry Fusion tripod bag features ultra-comfortable X-Act Fit padded straps and a sturdy handle and for the practical side, the bag comes with a rain cover and is equipped with non-slip pads.


  • 14 compartments
  • Waterproof pockets, one of which is for valuables
  • An automatic tripod deployment system
  • Rain cover
  • Anti-slip pads

The Hyper Dry Lite tripod bag

With 4 easily accessible compartments, this Hyper Dry Lite tripod bag is not only lightweight but also waterproof and strong. To facilitate transport, it is equipped with a system of self-balancing X-Act Fit straps. In addition, the padding of the strap is very soft for optimal comfort.

On the practical side, this tripod bag has several multi-functional pockets. Thanks to the seam-sealed and welded zipper, the bag is dirt-free. To protect your belongings in case of bad weather, this Callaway bag also comes with a rain cover.


  • 4 compartments and many pockets
  • Waterproof
  • X-Act Fit self-balancing strap system
  • An automatic tripod deployment system
  • Soldered zipper
  • seam sealed
  • Rain cover

The Callaway cart bags

In addition to the tripod golf bags, Callaway also has a wide selection of golf cart bags. Players can choose between the Rogue Staff, GBB Epic Tour Staff, Hyper Dry, X Series, Chev, and many more models. We will introduce you to some of our favorite models.

The GBB Epic Tour Staff cart bag

This strong golf cart bag has 6 compartments with velvet-lined dividers. The bag is very practical, it includes many multi-function pockets, including a velvet pocket to store valuables and a magnetic lock pocket where you can put the GPS. You don’t have to worry when using the GBB Epic Tour Staff cart bag because the sole is perfectly balanced.

Callaway Golf Club Bag cart


  • 6 compartments with velvet lined dividers
  • 9 pockets, one for valuables and another for GPS storage
  • Comes with a rain cover
  • Strong
  • Weight: 11 lb

The GBB ORG 15 cart bag

The Org 15 cart bag by Callaway has 15 compartments and 14 pockets. To facilitate the transport of the bag, it is equipped with a redesigned shoulder strap system and an E-trolley that fits with many golf carts. The bag is very popular with golf enthusiasts, so you can read the reviews online on this Callaway golf bag if you want to know more.


  • 15 compartments and 14 pockets: 1 for valuables, 2 full-length pockets for clothes, one for balls, one for smartphone, and one for GPS
  • 2 storage nets
  • Double carrying handle
  • E-Trolley that fits with many manual trolleys
  • Weight: 6.6 lb

The X Series Cart Bag

The bag is super lightweight and enables you to store your belongings and golf clubs. It includes 14 dividers and 7 pockets, 6 of which are zipped and one for drinking. For transport, it is equipped with a single Comfort Tech strap. In addition, the E-Trolley basic system can be adapted with many trolleys.


  • Lightweight
  • 14 compartments
  • 7 pockets: for valuables, clothing, balls, drinks and accessories.
  • Comfort Tech Single Strap
  • E-trolley that fits most golf carts
  • E-Trolley base system of the trolley can be integrated into many trolleys
  • Weight: 4.2 lb

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