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Callaway Golf Club Purchase Guide

ely callaway golf club

Created in 1982 by an American industrialist named Ely Callaway, the Callaway brand is a leader in the world of golf. The brand develops a wide range of golf equipment for amateurs and professionals from shoes, accessories to balls and clubs.

Today, we’re going to talk to you about Callaway’s golf clubs. The company has a wide choice of fairway woods, drivers, hybrids, irons, putters and wedges for right- and left-handed people. The brand also offers complete series. Callaway provides you with everything you need to hit the ball and swing successfully the right way.

The Callaway drivers

For improved ball speed, you can choose between the drivers of the Rogue, GBB Epic and XR Speed series.

The Rogue drivers

This driver uses X-Face VFT and Jailbreak technologies to power this club. This will allow players to achieve high ball speed and long distance shots. To improve the MOI or Moment of Inertia, these drivers are made of triaxial carbon. They, therefore, promise robustness and lightness. To maximize top speed, these drivers incorporate Boeing’s aerodynamic technology. Golfers have the choice between the 1.4, 1.8 and 2.1oz drivers.

GBB Epic drivers

The combination of Triaxial Carbon and Titanium Exo-Cage crown technologies has resulted in high-performance drivers where the tolerance level is impressive. There is little spin for a high ball flight.

The driver’s head has been designed by aerodynamics to improve the distance and speed of the club. For more control, you should note that the perimeter weight is adaptable. It offers a weight of only 0.6oz. This will allow the golfer to adjust the loft and tilt angle.

XR Speed drivers

The XR Speed Driver offers exceptional ball speed and incredible tolerance thanks to the combination of X VFT Face technologies, improved Speed Step aerodynamics and a carbon composite crown. It allows the golfer to reach high distances. The latter will also benefit from a high-quality shaft. In addition, the carbon fiber crown is perfect to improve the ME.

The Callaway Fairway Woods

Golfers have a choice of the Rogue, XR Speed, and GBB Epic Sub Zero fairway woods.

The Rogue fairway Woods

rogue fairway wood

These are the first woods to use the Jailbreak technology from Callaway. They include 2 steel bars specially designed to stiffen the head body. This increases the speed and distance of the ball. The same applies to the impact load on the face. This Jailbreak technology is also combined with Face Cup. As a result, the very thin side which is made of Carpenter 455 steel is in itself very fast. Moreover, Face Cup technology also improves speed on off-center and centered shots.

XR Speed fairway woods

To achieve very high distances, XR Speed fairway woods combine Hyper Speed Face Cup technology and aerodynamic technology. Designed for players of all levels, these fairway woods are easy to use and offer more tolerance.

GBB Epic fairway woods

If you are looking for precise, long and easy to use fairway woods, we recommend the GBB Epic. It is the triaxial carbon material that allows this wood to offer more precision, power, and tolerance. In addition, Hyper Speed Face and Speed Step technology greatly improve the speed and distance of your swings

Callaway hybrids

There are also many hybrid models for golfers at Callaway. They can choose between the hybrids Rogue, Epic, Apex, and Big Bertha.

  • The Rogue hybrid
    It is the most powerful hybrid manufactured by the brand. Callaway used Jailbreak and Hyper Speed Face Cup technology in this hybrid. This model has two steel bars and an ultra-thin face made of 455 carpenter steel. In addition, it is versatile and easy to use.
  • The Epic hybrid
    Composed of a triaxial carbon crown, this hybrid offers more tolerance. And to make it easier to launch the ball, the center of gravity is lowered and the ME increased. This allows players to make straighter and longer shots.
  • The Apex hybrid
    With a very compact head, the Apex hybrid is highly appreciated by the best golfers and professional players of the Tour. The blade length is longer, taking the shape of an iron. For ball flight, the bias is neutral. In addition, the forged Face Cup is made of Carpenter 455 steel. This allows a high ball speed. In the same time, centered and off-center shots are fast.
  • The Big Bertha hybrid
    The Callaway brand offers golfers the Big Bertha hybrid which has been specially designed to allow these players to gain distance by increasing tolerance and ball speed.

The golf irons of Callaway

The brand has a wide choice of irons for men and women: Rogue, Epic, Apex, X Forged, and Big Bertha.

big bertha golf iron
  • Rogue irons
    For fast ball speed, the Rogue series iron combines two face technologies: 360 Face Cup and VFT. For better control, it also uses Internal Standing Wave technology.
  • Epic irons
    These irons are perfect for golfers looking for precision, control, and tolerance. Epic irons are precisely designed and laser welded. By integrating tungsten into the Internal Standing Wave, Callaway engineers were able to accurately position the CG in each individual iron.
  • Apex irons
    Perfect for beginners and intermediate golfers, Callaway’s Apex irons feature Cup 360 technology for high ball speed.
  • X Forged Irons
    Callaway’s X Forged irons feature a classic design with the performance of the forged. It was made after many feedbacks from the Tour’s golfers.
  • Big Bertha Irons
    The Big Bertha iron promises high ball speed and better forgiveness. High performances are achieved thanks to Exo-Cage technology.

Callaway’s putters

For putters, golfers have a choice between the Odyssey Putters and the Toulon design Putters.

How to choose the best Callaway golf club?

Before buying Callaway golf clubs, we recommend that you read the reviews of Callaway golf clubs left by other golfers online. Feel free to also check out the Callaway golf club tests available online.

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