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Our opinion on the Sun Mountain Golf Bags

Sun Mountain is no longer to be lost in the golf bag market. The brand has been around since 1984 and focuses on innovations such as the famous backpacking technology that makes it easier to carry the golf bag. In addition, the company has developed a revolutionary nylon tripod bag.

With many years of experience, Sun Mountain has established itself in the golf industry, making it one of the leading brands in golf bags. To best meet the expectations of a demanding clientele, the company diversifies its products and also offers golf clothing, golf carts and the famous H2NO bags which are practically waterproof. Among the most popular products, you will find the C-130, CX1 and LS1 golf bags for women.

The Sun Mountain C-130 bag

Sun Mountain Golf Bag C130

This Sun Mountain Golf Bag is one of the brand’s most known products and it has even been given an award by Golf Digest magazine. The C-130 golf bag has been updated several times. Also, users will now have a rangefinder pocket that is lined with velvet and is waterproof. The strap passes behind this pocket, which allows you to have easy access.

In addition to these last additions, this golf bag includes 14 individual compartments for golf clubs. You can also count on storage space for the putter. These various storage spaces extend along the length of the bag. To facilitate access to the various pockets, they are oriented towards the front. You will find two pockets for your golf clothing, another one that is isothermal and three waterproof pockets. On top of that, this famous golf bag incorporates the Smart Strap system which allows the bag to be attached to a trolley using two Velcro straps. As a result, the straps of the trolley do not pass over the pockets. Finally, the C-130 bag is completed with the essential rain hood. All of these features in one equipment and it’s available at an affordable price.

The Sun Mountain H2NO Lite cart bag

This golf bag is one of the most popular models of the brand. It fits easily to golf carts. Users will find six pockets, 15 individual long compartments and a dedicated putter compartment. This golf bag also includes a molded bottom that fits perfectly with the Speed Cart and Micro-Cart series golf carts.

The H2NO Lite has been designed to facilitate travel on the green course. As a result, it is equipped with waterproof fabrics and water-resistant zippers. You can also count on the ultra-welded seams that do not allow anything to pass through. For your convenience, this golf bag also has two long pockets to store jackets and other golf clothing. A specialized pocket lined with velvet is dedicated to valuables while the others are used to store small accessories. These various pockets are oriented forward and they are easily accessible even if the bag is attached to a golf cart.

The H2N0 Lite Tripod Bag

Sun Mountain Golf Bag h2no lite

With the success of the H2NO Lite, Sun Mountain launched another Lite version with a tripod. This golf bag includes, among other things, 14 compartments for clubs. In addition, the cover is made entirely of high-quality waterproof fabric. It consists of the YKK zippers and the perfectly sealed seams. The real plus of this golf bag is certainly its weight of 5.3 lbs which makes it lightweight. It is also a state-of-the-art golf bag.

As mentioned above, this latest generation golf bag has 14 compartments for clubs and weighs 5.3 lbs. You will also have five pockets for valuables. For this purpose, they are lined with velvet while another pocket, all in length, is dedicated to golf clothing. As usual, the pockets are closed by YKK waterproof zips. In addition, the EZFit dual strap system ensures a better balance. To complete the picture, this golf bag features a flared top that makes it easy to remove clubs. A holding handle is available on the top while a tripod system provides great stability. The manufacturer also thought of the drink pocket and the rain hood.

The LS1 Women’s Golf Bag

This golf bag has been specially designed to fit golf carts. The LS1 has about fifteen individual compartments that allow clubs to be stored. In addition, this bag has a molded bottom that fits perfectly with the Speed Cart and Micro-Cart series golf trolleys.

Sun Mountain Golf Bag women

Like all of the brand’s other golf bags, the LS1 for women includes pockets that face forward. As a result, these storage spaces are easily accessible when the bag is on a cart. You will also find an isothermal or refrigerated pocket, a velvet-lined pocket to store valuables and a compartment for the rangefinder. You will also have a pocket for clothes and several pockets for accessories. It should be noted that this golf bag is composed of three lifting assistance handles that are more than practical and it has a rain hood.

The Sun Mountain Four 5 bag with tripod

The Four 5 tripod bag is particularly suitable for demanding golfers who require individual compartments for their clubs. This model has 14 long compartments that allow golf clubs to be easily stored. You can also rely on the EZ Fit Dual Strap system that incorporates a 3-ply foam construction. In addition to the comfort, this golf bag is distinguished by its light weight of 5.1 lbs.

For convenience, the top of this golf bag is flared, making it easy to remove clubs. In addition, the 14 dedicated compartments are provided to facilitate the organization of clubs. As with the other models of the brand, the Four 5 with the tripod is equipped with handles that are located at the bottom and top of the back pocket. In addition, you will find 7 pockets including one isothermal. You can also count on a velvet pocket for valuables and a pocket to store water bottles. Of course, this golf bag fits on trolleys. In addition, the Roller tripod system is systematically activated when the bag is placed on the ground. It guarantees optimal support and balance. This golf bag is also supplied with a rain hood.

The ClubGlider Tour Series Travel Golf Bag

This golf bag is made of ultra-resistant vinyl fabric. Its design is inspired by the famous Tour Series cart bag. In fact, this golf bag is recognizable by the patented support mechanism that makes it easy to pull the ClubGlider even when it is loaded.

In terms of features, this travel golf bag has been equipped with a TSA-approved lock. The support mechanism unfolds and retracts automatically. The straps hold the bag in place while the swivel wheels offer great maneuverability. To complete the picture, this travel golf bag features bi-directional zippers, which are particularly robust. They extend over the entire length of the bag, allowing you to have easier access.

The ClubGlider Meridian Travel Golf Bag

The ClubGlider Meridian was voted the best travel golf bag by Golf Digest publishers in 2016 and 2018. This distinction is well-deserved since this bag makes it much easier to transport your sports equipment when you are on the move. It includes, among other things, a foam padding that protects the clubs. In addition, the support mechanism includes swivel wheels for easy bag handling. You can also pull the ClubGlider Meridian through airports around the world.

In short, this travel golf bag is very practical and easy to handle. The support mechanism retracts itself and unfolds if necessary. It perfectly supports the weight of the bag and golf equipment. The ClubGlider Meridian closes with bi-directional zippers that are particularly robust. They extend over the entire length of the bag. You will also have two external pockets to store additional accessories. It should be noted that the bag’s outer layer is protected.

The H2NO Super Lite waterproof tripod golf bag

Among the brand’s golf bags, you will find the waterproof Sun Mountain golf bag with tripods. This golf bag is manufactured with better waterproof fabrics. In addition, it is supported by an automatic tripod, it is easy to handle and it’s comfortable.

This premium golf bag features several individual club compartments. You will also find 4 storage pockets, including a long pocket for golf clothing. You can use the X-Strap double high-density foam strap to carry it around the course. Finally, this top-of-the-range golf bag has a grip handle and a rain cover. It should be known that the brand has a wide range of light and comfortable golf bags. You can choose between tripod models, golf cart versions and wearable models. In any case, you will have large storage compartments and a proven locking system.

Why you should purchase a Sun Mountain Golf Bag?

In short, Sun Mountain is committed to providing innovative and practical golf bags. The company relies mainly on new technologies to improve the quality of its sports equipment. It is constantly diversifying its products so that everyone can find the Sun Mountain golf bag that meets their expectations and needs. It’s no coincidence that Sun Mountain is one of the most popular companies. It simply deserves its reputation and holds a prominent place in the golf industry.

In addition to golf bags, Sun Mountain designs ultra-light golf trolleys, including the Pathfinder 3, Speed Cart Gt, Speed Cart GX, and others. The brand also offers golf clothing including the Elite, pants, the Rainflex SS pullover, and isothermal jackets. Sun Mountain is also proud of the range of sportswear dedicated to women. They offer the Cascade pullover, the Merino sweater or the Thermaflex jacket for females. Rain clothing is also in the range of products it offers and is available in all sizes. With Sun Mountain, playing golf is a real pleasure, especially when their golf bags are reasonably priced.

If you need help choosing the best golf bag, we invite you to read our guide. You will find the different criteria to be taken into account. But before you make your choice, be aware that there are different types of golf bags on the market. You can choose a golf cart bag, a tripod golf bag, a portable golf bag, and many others. For the points to be checked, we advise you to look at the number of compartments, the number of pockets offered, the handling of the golf bag, the manufacturing material, the weight of the bag, the accessories provided with the equipment, and match it with your needs and wants.

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