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Wilson Golf Club Bag Purchase Guide

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The game of golf was played in Scotland in the 15th century, before being banned by James II. This monarch favored archery more than golf, which he considered more utilitarian. It was James IV who finally lifted the ban on golf in 1602. In addition, the very first Open Championship was held in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1860. Since golfers and their caddies had to carry golf equipment, manufacturers began creating golf bags in 1920. Then came the electric carts that made it easier to get around the golf course.

In order to effectively meet the expectations of golf enthusiasts, the brands have dedicated a complete series of sports equipment, golf kits, studs, visors, golf gloves, golf bags, and various golf accessories. Brands such as Decathlon, Puma Golf and Wilson are constantly innovating their products to meet the expectations of golfers better.

According to the figures, 25 million people enjoy and play golf. In fact, professionals like Tiger Woods have greatly influenced most golf enthusiasts.

What is the purpose of a golf bag?

The golf bag is essential for any golfer because it allows you to carry golf equipment such as balls. You will also find a glove to tighten the club or the playing stick. Generally, a golfer has 14 clubs that include Irons, Woods, and a Putter. Of course, a beginner’s golf bag is much lighter because it includes a Sand wedge, 5 iron, 7 iron, putter and wood.

Each golfer will choose their bag according to their personal needs and the size of their golf equipment. To find the perfect golf bag, feel free to consult Wilson golf bag comparisons and reviews of Wilson golf bags. You will also find many tests on Wilson golf bags. You will find all the necessary information by visiting the golf lounges.

What are the different types of bags?

The purchase of a golf bag is essential since the player, or their caddy, will have to carry it all along the golf course. Of course, the choice of the bag will depend mainly on the needs of its user. The latter will find different types of bags, each as practical as the next.

  • The carrying bags have a rather basic design, however, they are very popular with golfers. This type of bag is quite light (3.5 lb) and can be carried simply like a travel bag.
  • The cart bag is placed on a cart. The golfer will have several storage spaces for accessories, personal belongings, and some clothing.
  • Sleeve bags are much lighter and thinner than carrying bags. They can accommodate 14 golf clubs and essential golf accessories. This kind of golf bag usually has a diameter of 5.9 inches. However, they are not waterproof and do not protect your golf equipment from the rain and bad weather.
  • Tripod bags are much more practical as they can be held upright thanks to the integrated tripod. Nevertheless, it should be taken with good care because the tripod is not robust enough against strong winds and other climatic hazards.
  • Tour bags are much larger due to their large diameter of 9.8 inches and a weight of 44 lb. This type of bag is especially suitable for professional players who carry several golf clubs. The Tours bags are considered as the top of the range and are reserved for the elite.

What about the benefits of a golf bag?

The golf bag has several compartments that make it easy to access clubs and various accessories.

Thanks to a good golf bag, you can carry your clubs throughout the entire course without hassle. On a side note, consider placing the clubs with a long shaft in the top compartments; shorter shafts can be stored in the lower compartments. Keep in mind that the putter must be stored in the compartment at the top of the bag, above the Driver, wood, and hybrid.

A good golf bag helps preserve golf equipment so that irons, woods, and shafts do not collide.

The choice of the golf bag will be made according to the needs and expectations of the golfer. There are, among other things, bags dedicated to casual players. The models are ultralight and very compact, making it easier to transport golf equipment. An ideal bag is a bag that has several convenient compartments and a protective cover. The bags also have several pockets to store tees, balls, towels and water bottles.

For those of you who do not wish to be assisted by a caddy, it is best to opt for a bag with a cushioned strap. Similarly, golfers who do not wish to use a cart should use a bag that has stick supports.

Golfers with shoulder pain are advised to invest in a bag with a sliding handle and rear wheels. In addition, golfers with fragile hips should turn to bags that incorporate a quilted lining. A cart would also be very convenient.

The criteria for choosing a Wilson golf club bag

Before you choose which Wilson golf bag to get, we advise you to make a small comparison of Wilson golf bags in order to benefit from good value for money.

Several criteria should also be considered, such as:

  • The type of bag that meets your needs. It can be a sheath bag, a small golf bag or a trolley bag. The latter is quite large and has several storage spaces. On top of that, a portable bag is quite convenient because it is simply worn on the shoulder. You can also put in place a tripod that would allow the bag to be put on the ground. Also, if your equipment requires a lot of space, it’s best to opt for a Tour bag that is more expensive and much larger.
  • The storage space available in the golf bag is essential. It would be a shame to purchase a bag that is too small when you plan to carry all your golf equipment. There are also bags that have only one global compartment. On the other hand, you can also opt for multi-compartment golf bags. All you have to do is make your choice.
  • Clutter and maneuverability are also a factor when choosing a golf bag. It’s best to prefer a lightweight, ultra-strong model. In this case, you would choose the bags that incorporate PVC or leather parts. Nylon bags are a good alternative as it has good durability. In addition, you should also consider the handling of the bag.
  • The reliability of the bag depends mainly on the quality of the materials that make it up. The ideal scenario would be to have a cheap but good quality golf bag. To find a reliable golf bag, don’t hesitate to favor well-known brands such as Wilson. This will give you a piece of durable equipment that will serve you for a long time.

Practical tips for organizing the insides of a Wilson Golf Club Bag

For a well-organized golf bag, it is advisable to store the smaller clubs first; they find their seats in the compartment at the back of the bag. The small clubs will be well anchored and will not slip along the course.

As for the central compartments, they will be used to store irons, woods, corners, and putters. It is also important to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed as the bag should not be heavy at the front.

To better organize the storage of clubs, consider writing down the list of clubs at each level of the compartment. This way, you’ll find the club you need faster.

A golf bag also includes side pockets that are dedicated to drinks and snacks – you can even store your towels and your golf glove. The balls and tees have their own dedicated pockets at the top of the bag.

Focus on the Wilson brand

Wilson is a brand that has made a name for itself for more than a century. This manufacturer also specializes in ball and ball sports equipment. In fact, the company’s activities revolve around the Wilson golf equipment. Wilson is also known for its tennis, American football, baseball, basketball, squash, and badminton equipment.

Wilson Golf Club Bag padraig harrington
Golf player Padraig Harrington

Professional and amateur golfers can choose from a variety of golf equipment such as drivers, putters, Wilson Golf Club, and Wilson Golf Series. In short, Wilson golf equipment is renowned for its quality. The brand also has Wilson Pro Staff products that include the Wilson Golf Bag, Wilson Golf Club and Wilson Golf Series.

The Wilson brand is featured in the film “Alone in the World”. It is the volleyball that becomes the hero’s main companion, played by Tom Hanks.

Wilson also works with professional golfers on the European and American tournaments. The brands’ ambassadors include the champion Padraig Harrington and many more.

Overview of the different models by Wilson

  • The Wilson Profile black golf carry bag is made of ultra-strong polyester fabric. This bag incorporates several storage spaces such as a bottle sleeve, an umbrella holder, a towel ring and a large side and interior pockets. This golf bag also has a wide cushion that protects the hips and a double padded strap.
  • The Wilson Prostaff women’s bag has a rather comfortable design. The bag includes an umbrella holder, a large towel ring, a glove holder and a rain hood. In addition, the padded strap offers optimal comfort.
  • The Wilson Staff Hybrix bag fits perfectly with carts. This bag has 2 large pockets, a padded strap and a hip pad. It also has dividers to store your clubs, woods, and putter.
  • The Wilson Staff Quiver bag has a three-way separator, built-in handle, and padded carrying strap. The bag also contains full-length dividers, a pocket for personal belongings, a double ergonomic strap, cushion at the hips, a rain hood and a velvet pocket.
  • The Wilson Staff Nexus III bag features two TPE molded handles and several pockets for accessories, golf balls, GPS sleeves, and a rangefinder. This model also has a pocket where you can store your drink bottle. An incredible feature it has is the double four-point strap with thermoformed pad.
    The umbrella holder, the patch for the large ones and the waterproof cap are also very practical. You will also find three separators along the entire length. You should also note that this bag weighs 5.3 lb.
Wilson Golf Club Bag

In short, the choice of a golf bag must be done in a thoughtful way. If you’re a beginner golfer, consider visiting the golf forums. You will find excellent tips that will allow you to choose your golf equipment, golf accessories such as golf glove, putter, and many more.

In any case, do not hesitate to make a comparison on the golf bags in order to enjoy excellent value for money. You can also rely on the quality of golf equipment offered by major well-known brands such as Wilson.

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