Odyssey Putter: Test, Reviews and Comparison – July 2024

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Odyssey Putter Purchase Guide

Odyssey Putter

Founded in 1991, the Odyssey brand is a pioneer in golf putters. The company is constantly developing new state-of-the-art putters to help golfers achieve their goals – it is no wonder that the brand’s putters are the most purchased in the world. It should also be noted that since 1997, Odyssey putters have been the property of the Callaway brand.

Odyssey offers golfers many series of putters such as Exo, O-Works, Red Ball, Toulon Design, Exo 2-Ball, Tank and many others.

The Exo putters

The Exo range of putters are innovative mallet putters with a modern and elegant design. Golf enthusiasts will appreciate these models, which are equipped with the performance of the Tour’s putters. These are high-end putters never seen before in other models designed by the brand.

With a multi-material design and an elegant red and black finish, these putters are equipped with 3 sight lines that allow golfers to aim more accurately at their target. These Exo putters have been designed to significantly increase the ME for more consistent ball speeds and accuracy. Luke Williams, Global Strategy Director at Odyssey, said, “We wanted to maximize the ME. There is a lot of talk about ME among drivers, but I would say very little about putters. But it has significant advantages in putters. We knew that if we could maximize the ME, and do it in a certain way without making it a cumbersome putter in terms of size, then we could get better performance.”

These putters have all the qualities that a golfer looks for on a putter. They are efficient, tolerant and promise speed and distance.

In this series, golfers can choose between the Seven, Rossie and Indianapolis putters.

The O-Works Odyssey putter

The Odyssey O-Works putters use Microhinge Face Insert technology to improve ball rolling at each putt. In addition to this feature, they have a very stable mallet look to tolerate off-center impacts. Alignment is also very easy because these clubs contain contrasting white lines.

Odyssey Putter O works

In this range, players can choose between the Marxman, Marxman S, Jailbird, 2-Ball Fang S, 2 Ball, #1 W S, etc.

The Red Ball odyssey putter

These putters were designed for two reasons: First of all, it allows easy alignment and a good position during the address. Secondly, these putters are equipped with the White Hot RX insert which provides excellent sound and feel. On top of that, these putters are also designed to facilitate ball rolling so that golfers can ensure its putts.

The Toulon Design putters

Each model in the Toulon collection is a combination of top-of-the-range materials including 303 stainless steel, 6061 aircraft grade aluminum soles and carbon fiber. It also benefits from ingenious design, know-how, beautiful shape, and high-performance cutting-edge technology.

If you want to buy Odyssey putters from the Toulon Design range, you can opt for the Austin, Columbus or Long Island models.

The Exo 2 Ball putters

Designed with high-quality materials, these putters offer greater precision and an elegant design thanks to the combination of black and golden roses. For excellent ball rolling, they are equipped with Microhinge insert technology. For alignment, golfers are able to count on the 2-Ball alignment system as well as the high ME.

The Odyssey Tank Putters

The Tank putters are equipped with a versa alignment and an adjustable counterweight; all in a form validated by the Tour. They are also top-of-the-range and innovative models just like the other putters. They combine better feel and a reliable insert for fastball rolling. Furthermore, these putters offer more stability upon impact.

How do you decide which odyssey putter is the best?

That’s the question many golfers ask. The real answer is the one with which you feel most comfortable and confident – then you can go ahead and try it out. However, if you aren’t able to go to the store, then you can read the Odyssey putter tests available online. Whether you’re looking to buy a blade putter, half mallet or mallet, it is also recommended to read the opinions and comments of Odyssey putters left by other golfers on the internet.

The important thing is to find a model that helps you align the ball more accurately. You should also choose a putter that you feel is the most tolerant and pleasant to play with. It should be noted that the shaft design also has an influence on the way clubs behave. We recommend that you choose a putter with a staggered head, as this helps the golfer keep his eyes on the ball and throw it more easily.

Putter faces are nowadays designed from a wide range of materials. In addition to steel, you can choose from nickel, aluminum, rubber, copper and even ceramic. They all have a slightly different sound and feel – so it’s entirely up to you to choose the face that suits you best. You can choose a face with a softer insert or a face with a heavier insert. In any case, we also invite you to consult the Odyssey putter comparison you will find above.

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