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Cleveland golf brand’s products

Cleveland Golf Keegan Bradley
Gol player Keegan Bradley

Cleveland golf is one of the most popular brands in golf equipment. This brand was created by Roger Cleveland in the 1970s. It has especially distinguished itself by its famous replicas of vintage golf clubs such as the Calamity Jane series. The manufacturer has also launched persimmon drivers and high-end products. Cleveland golf quickly specialized in the design of wedges, which contributed massively to the brand’s notoriety.

Since its creation, Cleveland Golf has had many items that have become true bestsellers. This is the case, in particular with the wedge 588, which was launched in 1988. The brand has sold more than 8 million units worldwide with just this product alone. This famous wedge was also instrumental in 330 victories on the PGA Tour. In fact, Cleveland Golf has been equipped by the greatest champions such as Keegan Bradley, Shane Lowry, Graeme McDowell, Russel Knox, and many others.

To better meet the expectations of many customers, the manufacturer has decided to re-propose golf clubs and golf irons. For several years, enthusiasts have been able to afford the products in the Launcher range as well as the wedges and chippers, which are very ergonomic.

In fact, there is such a wide choice between the 588 RTX Black Pearl wedge, the RTX Blade Tour satin wedge, the Smart putter Smart Square Lady putter, not to mention the Cleveland Launcher CBX Series iron series. You can also rely on golf bags and ultra-light golf carts.

In short, Cleveland, the golf equipment manufacturer, does not skimp on the means when it comes to effectively meeting the expectations of golfers.

Cleveland Golf clubs for women

For women, Cleveland has created clubs that are equipped with shafts and club heads that incorporate the latest technologies. The goal is to facilitate swings and to allow you to play efficiently. Women are also entitled to the Launcher HB Driver, which is a fairway wood with Flex-Fin technology. The latter promotes an explosive ball speed. The Launcher CBX irons offer high tolerance and excellent club control as well.

The brand also manufactured the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection 1 Women’s putter, which includes a 345-gram head. This putter is made entirely of ultra-soft 304 stainless steel.

The Cleveland Wedge 588 RTX Black Pearl

Cleveland Golf wedge black pearl

As its name suggests, this wedge has a very beautiful black finish. Like all 588 RTX wedges, this model offers the performance of the famous 588. Add to that the advanced Rotex technology that characterizes Cleveland Golf.

This new generation wedge includes 16% wider and U-shaped Striations. This allows golfers to hit difficult shots with confidence. Remember that the wedge 588 RTX Black Pearl has been laser machined. Thus, the user can generate spins on putts and lobes. they will also be able to use this wedge for partial shots. This model has been patented by Rotex.

In other words, this golf equipment has been unidirectionally and circularly milled from the face of the club. You can also count on an S sole inspired by the CG15 wedge, which is particularly popular with Tour golfers. With a wider heel sole and a narrower toe, you can improve your bunker performance.

The RTX3 Blade Tour Satin Wedge

This wedge is quite revolutionary since it stands out with its new designs. It includes, among other things, a shortened hosel with micro-cavity. They’ve also added the new sanding applied to the V-base. Therefore, the head speed is optimal. The golfer will benefit from excellent control and better contact with the ground.

This wedge also stands out for its Rotex face and its new Tour Zip stripes. To do this, the manufacturer has opted for a high-precision laser machining process. As a result, the user will be able to better regulate the spin and control their strokes.

The RTX3 Cavity Graphite Lady Left-handed Wedge

This wedge dedicated to women also incorporates the latest technologies designed by Cleveland Golf. This way, golf enthusiasts can find a shortened hosel that offers great stability. In addition, V-blocks sanding is provided to optimize head speed. Add a Rotex side and the new Tour Zip stripes as well as laser machining on the club side.

The Launcher CBX Graphite Series

CBX irons are true innovations and stand out above all due to their new look of modern design combined with sophisticated design. These irons help to improve the speed and accuracy of shots. In short, CBX irons have become a must in golf bags for professionals and amateurs alike.

Like Cleveland irons, CBXs are characterized by double laser machining, Tour Zip wedge striations, and a V-shaped soleplate. You can also count on a new cup face and the famous Feel Balancing Technology. Thus, the range includes long irons that facilitate low profile shots.

You will also find short irons that allow you to control the blows.

The Launcher HB Graphite Series

This type of ultra-tolerant iron is a great success with golf enthusiasts. This equipment is especially suitable for golfers who have difficulty with ironwork. They will notice a great performance since the swings are effortless. The ball makes a perfect flight and follows a trajectory qualified as perfect. The irons in this series are distinguished by their play-ability and considerable versatility.

The Launcher HB Graphite series irons have a hollow design and internal stabilization striations. In addition, the HiBore crown is characterized by deep weights. This type of iron is particularly recommended for the bottom for high flights. Golfers also appreciate the high-strength steel face that increases the COR. The series includes models 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8, 8, 9, P, D, S. In short, there is a lot to choose from, depending on the needs and playing techniques.

Cleveland Golf women

The Cleveland Golf iron series

The Cleveland Golf CG16 Series Series is made up of top-of-the-range clubs. The irons are equipped with a high-performance steel head combined with the ActionLite 55 graphite shaft. In addition, it has the Zip Grooves Tower technology, which has micro-grooves between the grooves. In terms of design, these irons have a wide head and Zip Grooves that offer excellent comfort of use.

The Smart Sole 3.0 C Cleveland Golf wedge

This new generation wedge is dedicated to golfers who are not very good at playing short. With this kind of equipment, players will have better contact on the shots in the bunkers. This wedge is particularly suitable for putting and full shots. You should also note that a Smart Sole 3 wedge is characterized by a large opening angle. It also includes Feel Balancing Technology which guarantees better sensations. The center of gravity of this club has been repositioned.

In summary, the Smart Sole 3C wedge features a three-level footing, Feel Balancing Technology and an opening angle. The sole is perfectly stable, which is ideal to let the club bring the ball closer to the hole.

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach 3

The brand has created the Huntington Beach collection, whose clubs have been tested on courses around the world. You can particularly count on the Huntington Beach 3 putter, which is equipped with a slant-neck hosel and a slightly raised tip. As a reminder, the design of the putters is tested in competition, which means that their effectiveness is optimal. Like the brand’s clubs, the putters are equipped with a precisely machined face. You will especially appreciate the diamond pattern. Despite its robust appearance, Cleveland’s preferred 304 stainless steel offers an ultra-soft feel. According to the research conducted, this material is 51% more flexible than 17-4 steel.

The TFI 2135 Satin 1.0 O/S Grip putter

This type of putter incorporates the 2135 Alignment technology and includes lines of sight raised to 0.84 inches from the ground. In addition, this putter includes the True Feel Innovation and a TPU polymer insert that is visible on the club’s face – vibrations are thus reduced. The golfer will also appreciate the comfort and handling. On top of that, it was manufactured by Speed Optimized Milling, which is characterized by 3 times deeper milling on the face. The player will have excellent control of the ball, which will allow them to improve their game.

The CGJ Large Junior Kit

This golf kit is particularly dedicated to young players, aged 10 to 12 years old. Strictly speaking, it is the ideal kit to start on the green. Remember that the irons in this kit are equipped with the same technologies that characterize adult irons. Of course, the formats have been revised to better adapt to junior golfers. Thus, this kit includes 1 driver 18°, 1 wood 22°, 1 hybrid 28°, 3 irons of 7.9 and SW.

The kit dedicated to juniors also features a mallet type putter with a centered handle and it has a double strap and tripod. This golf kit is suitable for both boys and girls.

The complete CG men’s series kit

This golf kit is made for beginners who are eager to learn golf and for intermediate levels. You will have 11 clubs and a very practical trolley. This adult kit includes, among other things, 1 driver 10.5° in regular graphite. This iron is ideal for long, straight shots from the tee. You will also find 1 wood 3/15° which is characterized by a low center of gravity, which facilitates the take-off angle and also allows a smooth landing. In addition, you will find 1 hybrid 4H/22° which is suitable for golfers of different levels.

This kit dedicated to beginners and intermediates also includes the 5, 6, 7, 7, 8, 9, PW and SW irons. Don’t forget the blade type putter, the cart bag and the 4 club covers. In short, Cleveland Golf has thought of everything. The bag, which is quite classic, has 9 pockets and 6 compartments. The exterior siding is made of vinyl and PU, materials that are easy to clean. Club covers are suitable for driver, putter, hybrid and wood.

The Cleveland Golf bags

The CG Light cart bag

This cart bag is very practical as it has 14 compartments, 8 pockets and a Deluxe top handle for easy handling. You will also have an outer tube for putting and a holder for 3 golf balls. Like the bags of the same kind, you will have a very discreet umbrella holder and 2 pockets lined with fleece. This bag is dedicated to the storage of valuable objects.

On top of that, this bag also has 2 dry pockets, 2 large pockets for clothes, and not to mention the rain hood. Of course, the manufacturer has thought of the pitch riser and pen holder. To complete the picture, the bag has a carabiner. The polyester fabric also makes the bag very easy to clean.

The CG Stand Bag Black Grey Series tripod bag

This bag is especially appreciated for its light weight and its many storage compartments. You will find, in particular, 6 zipped pockets, 5 compartments, and a handle molded in 3 positions. Furthermore, the wide double strap, pen holder, pitch holder, and tee holder are also very practical. Another useful feature it has is the carabiner clip that allows you to attach the small towel. The whole thing weighs a little over 4.4 lbs.

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