Taylormade Putter : Test, Reviews and Comparison – July 2024

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TaylorMade Putter Purchase Guide

Founded more than 40 years ago, TaylorMade continues to offer quality golf products. The company has established itself in the world of golf and is known as the inventor of the metal wood collection.

Taylormade Putter

Created by Gary Adams, the brand offers golfers a wide selection of drivers, hybrids, fairway woods, irons, and putters. Many top-level athletes trust TaylorMade by using TaylorMade clubs. In fact, Tiger Woods is one of the professional golfers to play with the brand’s putters.

How to decide which Taylormade putter is the best?

In this article, we will talk about TaylorMade putters. We will present to you the different series proposed by the brand so that you can make your choice.

But first, we think it is our responsibility to remind you that the best putter is the one that allows you to achieve your goals, because the putter is, as you know, one of the very important clubs in your golf bag, allowing you to direct the ball to the hole.

So to make your choice, you must check the size of the grip, tolerance, and ease of alignment. If you don’t have time to go to the store to shop, be sure to read the TaylorMade golf putter reviews that other golfers share on the Internet.

The Spider putters

Used by many golfers, amateurs and professionals, TaylorMade offers many different models of putters.

You can choose between the Spider Mini, Spider Tour, Spider Arc, and the TP Collection series.

The Spider Mini putters

Spider Mini is a putter that combines tolerance and stability – all in a compact design. These putters were first seen at the Wells Fargo Championship and Dustin Johnson, the world’s number one at the time, played with the red model at the Players Championship.

They have a heavier steel frame and a thicker Pureroll insert for better sound performance, feel and ride.

With two color options (Tower Red or Diamond Silver), the Spider Mini also features a T-Sightline, a balanced face and a firm insert with a 3° loft, a 70° angle, and a ¾ offset shaft.

Compact design: The Spider Mini’s head is 15% smaller than its older brother’s, but it still offers a high EH in a compact and mid-size format.

Tour-inspired alignment: They incorporate a “T-Line” alignment aid that was inspired by the Tour. In addition, the depth of the T-Sightline mimics the dimensions of a conventional blade putter to provide excellent stability for golfers. This will make it easy for golfers to roll the ball towards the hole every time it’s on the course.

Optimized weighing system: Reworked steel weights cast directly into the head for precise and constant balance.

The Spider Tour putters

Used by professional golfers Jason Day and Dustin Johnson, the TaylorMade Spider Tour putter offers stability, precision, and tolerance to golfers. On top of that, it features a Pure Roll insert that features 45° grooves and a softer polymer to improve the tip and front roll – This helps your ball start rolling but also to stay on the line that is already planned.

Taylormade Putter spider

In addition, this putter has an elegant and modern design with its confident Chrome Tower body. The upper crown and the shape of its sole have been designed to facilitate alignment. It also uses Hosel’s short slant technology that promises better visibility. Due to its popularity, this model is available in several different colors.

The Spider Arc putters

If you are looking to buy a TaylorMade putter that offers better stability and alignment, we recommend getting the Spider Arc putter. You will appreciate its stylish look validated on Tour. It also has a lightweight aluminum body combined with a heavy 304 stainless steel ring that is placed just behind the face of the putter.

This putter promises a higher ME and better alignment thanks to its three alignment aids. Golfers will be able to hit with confidence. In addition, the Soft Suryln Pure Roll insert has been specially designed to reduce putt slippage so that the golfer can ensure better distance control. Furthermore, this putter has been designed to help players reproduce a regular shot with maximum tolerance and feel.

The Spider Arc putter is available in two colors; players can opt for the red Spider Arc putter or the silver Spider Arc putter. It offers a 3° loft, 70° lees and the weight of the head is only 12.7 ounces making it lightweight.

The Taylormade Putter from the TP Collection

TaylorMade designed the TP Collection putters with new materials and milling processes to improve the design and performance of the club.

The TP collection consists of 6 distinct models, five of which are made out of 303 stainless steel to give a feeling of solidity with the distinctive contours obtained by a machining and milling process.

The TP putter insert is based on those used by Jason Day and Dustin Johnson in their TaylorMade Limited Edition Spider models.

The Pure Roll insert improves putter face rolling by combining 45° grooves with a soft polymer to promote better forward roll and reduce the effect of skidding on different surfaces.

Taylormade Putter tp collection

Designed to bring the grooves into direct and active contact with the ball during impact, even on short putts, the grooves also soften the structure of the inserts for a better feel.

The 6 models in the TaylorMade TP collection are named after the regions and landmarks of some of the world’s greatest golf destinations and together form a range that adapts to each stroke style.

Golfers can choose from the blade and mallet models and can choose between the Juno, Soto, Mullen, Berwick, Ardmore, and Chaska models.

Now that you know all the putters of the brand, it’s up to you to choose the best TaylorMade putter that will give you the best results. Taking the TaylorMade putter tests that are available online would also help you in deciding which one to get. Don’t forget to check out the TaylorMade putter comparison above which will certainly help you in the decision-making process.

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