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TaylorMade Golf Club Purchase Guide

The brand was founded by Gary Adams in 1978 and is best known as the brand that introduced metal wood to the world of golf. Today, TaylorMade continues to be one of the most popular golf equipment manufacturers, and many professional golfers are wearing their products, including Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Raphaël Jacquelin, Dustin Johnson, and Alexander Levy

taylormade golf club tiger woods
Tiger Woods with a TaylorMade Golf Club

TaylorMade, the world’s number one golf driver, has also made a name for itself with its golf woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters.

The TaylorMade drivers

The TaylorMade brand offers a wide variety of drivers for golfers. Players can choose between the M1, M2, M3 or M4 drivers.

  • The M1 drivers
    The M1 drivers benefit from a multi-material design to increase distance and tolerance. You will also appreciate the optimal customization. In addition, they are equipped with a 6-layer carbon crown and an additional cover which is also made of carbon. Its multi-material design reduces the club’s weight to lower the center of gravity for better launch conditions.
  • The M2 drivers
    Thanks to its Geocoustic technology, M2 drivers offer a better tolerance. The distance the ball travels after your swing will also be improved. Like its predecessor, the M2 driver has set the bar very high in terms of design and technology thanks to a revisited multi-material design and advanced geometric shapes.
  • The M3 drivers
    There is a big difference between the design of the face of the M1 drivers and the M3 models. The M3 is equipped with the Twist Face technology. It is the technology that allows golfers to gain distance and tolerance. The face has a revolutionary curvature with an angle that is corrective for off-center shots. Thus, the lateral effect is reduced, allowing you to generate straighter shots. At the top of the toe, the opening angle is larger and at the bottom of the heel.

    The M3 driver also has an aerodynamic head with a 5-ply carbon composite crown. There is also a visible slit in the sole that is designed to interact with the Twist Face.
taylormade golf driver
  • The M4 drivers
    The M4 driver is perfect for all golfers, whether you’re an amateur or a professional. It combines regularity and distance together. For its design, the TaylorMade brand used Twist Face technology, the Geocoustic sole, and the Hammerhead slot. This combination guarantees constant driving performance thanks to the combination of power, tolerance, and precision.

    The M4 driver is perfect for all golfers, whether you’re an amateur or a professional. It combines regularity and distance together. For its design, the TaylorMade brand used Twist Face technology, the Geocoustic sole, and the Hammerhead slot. This combination guarantees constant driving performance thanks to the combination of power, tolerance, and precision.

The TaylorMade fairway woods

The brand offers golfers the M1, M2, M3, and M4 golf course woods. There is also the Kalea fairways which are specially designed for women golfers.

  • M1 fairway woods
    M1 fairway woods promise high power and excellent adaptability thanks to their multi-material design. In addition, they are made from 450 stainless steel and Ni-C C300 for the face. Thus, these fairways are made of a crown with 6 layers of composite carbon. This M1 fairway wood features a sliding, intuitive weight system and an improved Speed Pocket to produce more accuracy and ball speed.
  • The M2 fairway woods
    Golfers are able to enjoy superior playability and distance thanks to the multi-material design and Speed Pocket technology. This fairway wood is equipped with a carbon composite crown, Front Track-Back Track system and a high-performance sole.
  • The M3 fairway woods
    What makes the M3 fairway woods efficient? The first answer to that question is their multi-material construction that is designed to meet all the expectations of the most demanding golfers. Secondly, these models offer better geometry and more playability and better yet, the weight is adjustable.
  • The M4 fairway woods
    Models for left- and right-handed golfers are available on this line of golf course woods. This club has a 5-layer carbon crown and uses Speed Pocket, Geocoustic and Inverted cone technology. The outcome is a tolerant fairway wood that is easy to handle and offers more distance. In fact, this fairway wood is one of the most powerful on the market. So if you want to buy the best golf club by TaylorMade, we advise you to choose this model.
  • Kalea fairway woods
    Designed especially for women, these fairway woods have an elegant and original look. To generate a higher launch angle to provide maximum distance, it is equipped with Speed Pocket technology.

The brand’s hybrids

The TaylorMade hybrids have been carefully designed to allow golfers to perform at their best throughout the game. The brand offers them 4 series of hybrids: M1, M2, M3 and M4.

  • M1 hybrids
    Benefiting from a system of variable weights at the slide level, the M1 hybrid promises distance and also versatility on the trajectories of your hit. The great advantage is that it adapts easily to your bounds. In addition, it is characterized by a sliding weight system.
  • The M2 hybrids
    The TaylorMade M2 hybrid incorporates a two-tone crown from the M Metalwoods family. It features an elegant and modern design thanks to Geocoustic technology. In addition, this hybrid has a wide Speed Pocket sole. This model combines performance and versatility together.
  • The M3 hybrids
    This M3 Rescue hybrid allows golfers swings to travel long distances easily. It offers better tolerance thanks to its extended Sweet Spot. To gain distance, the hybrid uses Speed Pocket technology. And finally, its weight is adjustable.
  • The M4 hybrids
    This versatile hybrid Rescue M4 easily adapts to all situations on the green course. They will save golfers from the difficult bounds. In addition, its center of gravity is lowered to make it easier to catch the ball up on your swing.

The irons

The brand has a wide selection of irons such as the M3, M4, P700 and M CGB ranges.

  • The M3 irons
    With a compact profile, the M3 iron is equipped with Ribcor technology to increase distance and tolerance. This technology also stiffens the perimeter of the head giving a rigid structure for a better feel. This club also benefits from Face Slots technology, the 180 Spline Ferrule, and the Speed Pocket.
  • The M4 irons
    Consistency and precision are the signatures of these M4 irons that feature Ribcor technology. With an ultra-thin face, these irons promise high ball speed. In addition, they are tolerant thanks to the weight optimization of the toe and heel.
  • The P700 irons
    The P700 series includes irons carefully designed to give golfers confidence and performance. The latter can choose between the P760 and P790 models.

The putters

You will achieve stability and accuracy with the TaylorMade putters. Enjoy a better feeling and increase your moment of greatness with these golf clubs. Whatever your level of experience and technique, TaylorMade offers you putters that combine tolerance, performance and better feeling together. In fact, you can choose from the Spider, MySpider, Spider Mini, Spider Tour, Spider Arc, Spider Interactive and TP Collection models. If you would like to know more about these models, we invite you to read our TaylorMade putter guide.

Now that you know the different TaylorMade golf clubs, we hope it will be easy for you to make the right choice. We invite you to consult our TaylorMade golf club comparison above, which includes the most popular models of the moment. Also take the time to read TaylorMade golf club reviews and TaylorMade golf club tests online.

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